Cantax(TM) Software & Network Support

LTS data services has over 11 years of experience supporting Cantax for Tax Preparers all across Canada. Whether you have one or two PC’s or twenty PC’s, we can help. Our team will get Cantax up and running for you each year with the correct network & folder configurations to make things like carrying forward and e-filing a breeze. Contact our Cantax Support Team for a free consultation.

Index? What index?

The index in Cantax is probably the most powerful tool for tax preparers that have many repeat clients. When used properly the index will make your day to day use of Cantax so much easier and faster. Combined with a central server for storing returns, the index makes managing returns so much easier than having them scattered around on multiple PC’s or flash drives.

Contact us before your next tax season starts and get setup properly.

Networking Cantax Software

Cantax for tax preparers works most efficiently when its files are stored on a central server or PC. Central storage means you can access any of the returns on any of the tax preparation workstations on your network. Never find yourself hunting around for someones returns ever again.

If you are storing Cantax data on individual PC’s or on USB hard drives or flash drives you may be putting your Cantax data at risk. Loss, damage or theft of these small devices is very easy and can have wide ranging impact on your clients as well as your business reputation.

Contact us and make sure that will not happen to you.

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